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Why Choose RielEyes Products

Advantages of Using Electronic Smartglasses for help with Low Vision

Ease of Personalization

Many features of the NuEyes smart glasses can be personalized allowing for a wide variety of conditions to make use of the many applications offered.

  • An android computer in the low vision glasses allows ease of browsing emails and full web browsing.
  • Real sight is replicated to simulate the human eye with magnification ranging from 1x-12x (with included optional 2x lens).

A full Android computer allows the “smart” glasses to function as an Android tablet with downloadable apps and a full web browser, including social media applications. This makes keeping in contact with loved ones and managing emails easy. A commonly used system among people with low vision is the Library for the Blind. The application can be downloaded to the low vision glasses to read books to the user.

Wireless, battery-powered, and hands free voice-activated interaction allows for effortless use. Real sight is replicated through auto-focus, switching between ranges according to tasks to simulate human eyes. A variable magnification from 1x-12x enables these ranges. Short-range vision allows reading small text and seeing up close. Mid-range vision will help in seeing faces or watching TV. Long-range vision allows sight for far away, such as looking outside a window (with included optional 2x lens).

A broad range of features can be personalized, so people with a wide array of conditions can use the glasses, such as those with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, ocular albinism, optic atrophy, cone-rod dystrophy, forms of glaucoma, Stargardt’s disease, optic nerve hypoplasia, Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy, nystagmus, retinopathy of prematurity, forms of retinitis pigmentosa, And other conditions.

Design and Practicality

NuEyes low vision aids provide practicality with a sleek and lightweight design, weighing only .27 lbs(125 grams). They are all black with a stylish and pragmatic look.

The lowest price in augmented reality glasses.
Speech-recognition with voice command allows personalization to needs of specific conditions.
OCR – Optical Character Recognition (Text to Speech) reads printed text to the wearer.
NuEyes glasses offer everything in one device. “These have taken all of these things and put them into one package so instead of going out with a huge bag of stuff that I need just to see I can literally put these on and adjust them to what I want to do and we are good to go,” says Robert Cook, a profession musician.

These smart glasses work as a computer on your head, just as any other device they will warm up when used. Although, it is not enough heat to cause discomfort. “You can feel the warmth, but it’s by no means uncomfortable,” says Robert Cook. Another practical feature is the price point, with the lowest price in augmented reality glasses with the most advanced system in low vision technology. The price for NuEyes range from $5,995 – $6,195.

An android system in NuEyes glasses allows for personalization of a users needs. A speech-recognition feature lets wearers use voice commands to improve the image projected through the lenses to best remedy their particular condition. Earbuds let users listen to a text reader or other media via a Bluetooth-connected device.

Increased Mobility

Vision loss can make it difficult to live a fully independent life, which can have a serious impact on people’s lives. Losing the ability to read can make it troublesome to handle financial affairs autonomously or stay informed on current events.

  • A lack of control due to vision loss can decrease an overall quality of life, creating loss of productivity and independence.
  • NuEyes Smartglasses and wearable magnifiers are wireless, allowing free and independent mobility in the home and outside.
  • A hands-free device allows use of both hands while enabling vision, so everyday tasks can be carried out.
  • People in careers from professors to musicians have experienced the possibilities of mobility with NuEyes.

The emotional toll can be devastating because people who are used to doing things on their own now have to depend on friends and family to read them things or handle their affairs. This lack of control can be enormously frustrating and cause a loss of motivation. Due to these factors 60% of the visually impaired are unemployed. These impairments can decrease an overall quality of life, creating loss of productivity and independence. As an individual it is our right to be able to carry out daily tasks, such as walking, reading, and cooking.

NuEyes Pro smartglasses for low vision have a 1.5-2-hour battery life depending on how they are used, however a 10-hour battery pack is also included and is attached by a 3-foot cable to the glasses so the pack can easily be carried in a pocket or purse.

This hands-free device offers mobility benefits as users do not have to bother themselves with wires and control buttons. This allows use of both hands while the “smart” glasses enable vision. “A device like this allows them to take this technology outside of the home to places they want to go. It expands their ability to live their life a little bit more than they did before,” says Michael A. Samuel, a retina specialist. This wearable technology is the future for patients with low vision, allowing them the ability to see anywhere they wish to go. Tasks including cooking, walking, reading, going to school, managing finances, attending cultural events, seeing loved ones, and traveling on public transport are now made possible.

A musician was able to experience the freedom NuEyes provided by playing at a venue and seeing his audience for the first time. The audience has been looking at him all these years and he could finally look back at them. In addition, an assistant professor can now see his students raising their hands. These are just some of the examples that NuEyes provides mobility and vision for.

Latest Techology

NuEyes low vision aids provide the most advanced technology in low vision. The battery-powered smart glasses feature voice activation, 3D stereoscopic ultra-transparent high-definition displays, high-speed wireless connectivity and high-performance positional sensors.

  • An array of features make the glasses the most advanced in low vision technology.
  • Software similar to that in smartphones provides regular updates, text to speech, and TV and movie streaming.
  • Flexibility is built into the low vision glasses, so several issues can be addressed with one item.
  • A device that is broadly programmable, even addressing light sensitivity.
  • Features of reading glasses, yet digital content is superimposed on top.

NuEyes smart glasses utilize an HD digital camera mounted on the center bridge of eyeglass frames to stream images to built-in 3D stereoscopic HD display lenses. The full HD camera can shoot 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. The camera image is projected onto the frame-mounted displays.

NuEyes is referred as “smartglasses” because it uses software similar to that in smartphones. This will allow regular updates to the software as the technology continues to advance. The NuEyes low vision glasses offer OCR (text to speech), in which a document can be read to the user. Also, with Wi-Fi connection TV and movies can be streamed directly to the low vision glasses. The displays are cinema-quality with no visual pixels and show true color. In dark environments an LED light is provided to help with sight. Another advancement is the glasses know where the user is turning their head, being able to block out all light coming in from the outside.

“When people get older, they’ll have multiple eye issues,” Justin Moore, NuEyes’ co-founder and COO says. “By having flexibility built into the glasses, you can address several [issues] with one item.” Software was created to address many low-vision sufferers’ issues. “The software has voice inputs, Greget explains, which lets users speak their commands to the glasses, things like making text bigger or smaller, or changing the color. They can even say, “‘NuEyes, watch TV,’” he says, “and it will stream TV in a way that the users can actually see.”

NuEyes are broadly programmable even addressing light sensitivity, so they can go dark on command. Telescopic lenses can also be incorporated into the device, which magnifies without pixelating the content. These features are very important for someone who is visually impaired. For example, it allows a grandmother to watch the grand kids play or be able to go to the movies.

Another feature is the lenses were designed to be 80% transparent. They are like reading glasses with being able to see the real world, yet digital content is superimposed on top. All these features combined bring an advanced system allowing the ability to see. NuEyes has developed augmented reality glasses in the true sense of the phrase; our glasses augment the failing vision of people with macular degeneration.