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What is NuCall?

NuCall uses the most secure voice and video calling technology that does not require the doctor or patient to download any software, meaning no data remains on the device. Simply send An SMS without revealing your number and start a video call in seconds from any device. No PHI recorded, no data stored!

 NuCall offers innovative features such as a connecting to your doctors via the NuEyes, SMS, WhatsApp or Email.(Smartphone, Laptop, Desktop, Ipad and tablet)  Other key features include Optical Character Recognition, Magnification, Capture and Save Image, Web and Mobile Screen Share, Live Pointer, and bandwidth optimized video for a high-definition quality viewing experience.

NuCall Features :

  • FOLLOW UP VISITS :Take Advantage of video-based visit along with text based visit.
  • PRE – SCREENINGS : Screen patients for infectious conditions.
  • REMOTE CARE : Triage remotely and prevent expensive ER visits.
  • Reach patients in remote areas alleviating their condition without travel whenever possible.
  • HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA and GDPR Compliant Secure Telemedicine Platform
  • Cut Your No-Show Rate by Over 60%
  • Robust Reporting and Patient Management
  • Easy to Implement, Integrate, Use and Train Staff
  • Instant Customer Support
  • Screen Share
  • Live Pointer
  • Capture & Save
  • HD Video Experience
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Connect with patients from comfort of your own home.

How NuCall Works :

  • SMS Invite: At the time of the appointment, the patient receives an SMS with a link for a video call.
  • Video Consultation: Once the patient opens the link, the video call will begin and the doctor can consult the patient.
  • Markup and Capture: The doctor can zoom in to get a detailed look, use advanced markup tools for documentation purposes, and more.
  • Consultation Complete: Once the consultation is completed, the patient and doctor can end the video call from the browser. Nothing to uninstall.

Call 916-217-7162 for Info or
To Schedule a Demonstration

Nu Call Advantages for a Doctor:

  • Connect with patients from the comfort of your own home.
  • If a physical exam is not necessary, take advantage of a video-based visit.
  • Patients today embrace video on the phone. Connect with them with mutual ease.
  • Go over bloodwork & imaging reports.
  • Conduct mental health appointments.
  • Remotely diagnose straightforward conditions.
  • Reduce readmission rates.